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About Us

"Growing up as a child, participating in dance was always the highlight of my day. Regardless if I was having the best day or the worst, I was always able to express my feelings and emotions through dance." -Ira McCurry, Owner & Instructor

At Sunflower Dance, we encourage individuality. We want every student to discover new things about themselves and be excited about it. Our instructors will always be encouraging to their students, and will never reprimand a child for making mistakes. Our goal at SDA is to create a safe space for our students to explore the art of dance, grow as artists, and hopefully develop a lifelong passion for dance. Students will learn lessons that can be used in their real lives outside of the dance world. We want our students to have the confidence in themselves to try new things and tackle any challenge that is put in their way.

We are a recreational and competition studio. Although we participate in competitions, that is not our focus. Our focus is on technique and performance quality. Competitions are a great way to test dancers and their ability to perform under pressure. Being a part of a competition team helps build self-confidence, promotes sportsmanship, and creates a sense of responsibility. It also provides our dancers an opportunity to create lifelong friendships. Our Company program is designed to train and prepare those dancers who would like to make a career out of dancing.

Image by Jordan Cormack
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